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I’m looking for information on any of the following: Can you contact me if you are able to help?

  • What became of the Wahine’s Chief Officer, Mr (later Captain) R S Luly? After 1968 he was Master of the salvage vessel Holmpark used to remove the wreck of the Wahine from Wellington harbour. What was his career after that?
  • Where is the steering wheel from the Wahine’s bridge?
  • Where is the port wing control console from the Wahine’s bridge?

I’m always looking for good, sharp and clear photos of the Wahine. If you own photos that I could display on this website, they would be most gratefully received and will be acknowledged in full to you. In addition to any photos showing the Wahine herself, photos I particularly seek are those taken onboard or inside the ship, photos of the Wahine’s engines, photos of wreckage or artifacts from the Wahine, of the ship lying on her side and also photos of her being broken up. Anything of good quality would be welcomed.

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    This is the website for the New Zealand Ship & Marine Society Inc. The Society encourages the preservation of private and public collections of shipping photographs, models, drawings, literature and other material of shipping interest, especially that associated with New Zealand.
    This is the website for the V H Young & L A Sawyer Black and White Ship Negative Collection. An extensive, world-leading private collection of ship photographs; unbeatable if you are an artist, model-maker, writer or shipping enthusiast wanting sharp, clear, detailed photos of ships old and new, especially ships with a New Zealand connection.
    This is the website for the Museum of Wellington City and Sea.
    This is the Museum of Wellington City and Sea’s fact sheet about the Wahine Disaster.
    The World's Leading International Shipping Magazine. Available by subscription or from magazine retailers.
    This is is the website of Titanic researcher and scholar Tim Maltin. His findings about the true cause of the Titanic's loss are described in the National Geographic Channel film "Titanic: Case Closed" and also in his book "A Very Deceiving Night." Mr Maltin's work is of compelling interest and a world apart from the usual Titanic hype.


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