Survivors Stories

Photo acknowledged to the Dominion and Sunday Times newspapers.

Steward Frank Hitchens lies shoe-less and unconscious on the back of a Land Rover making its way north along the Pencarrow road, his legs handing over the rear of the vehicle. At right, the canvas canopy of a New Zealand Army Bedford RL truck can be seen parked near the bottom of the track that climbs over the Pencarrow hills to farmland in Gollans Valley. Burdan's Gate, where ambulances were parked and waiting, is about a kilometre ahead of the Land Rover which was owned and driven by Edgar Burdan. He was a son of George and Alice Burdan, who began farming in Gollans Valley around 1916. The man at left, beside the Land Rover, is Mr D.F. Milson. Note the condition of the road. Survivors on foot, most without shoes, had to walk for miles through rock debris washed down from the hills by the rain and thrown up by the seas.

The Airport Fire Service's Zodiac coming alongside Seatoun Wharf on the afternoon of 10 April 1968 with survivors from the Wahine. Jack Maddox is standing in the centre of the Zodiac.